Established in 2008, Studio C Architecten focus on solving spatial, functional, and aesthetic questions for clients including developers, investors, tenants, owners of commercial real estate, government, and individuals.

We transform existing buildings in a novel and professional way, preparing them for a new future. We understand these buildings well, we think alongside our clients as one team. Furthermore, we are inventive in designing new constructions which complement existing built environments.

The appropriate and refreshing solutions we put forward are tailored to the building environment and our clients’ wishes. Our aim is to combine the old and the new elegantly with light and ample space. We like to surprise our clients by making the impossible possible.

Our fields of work include interior and exterior architectural design, restoration of monuments, sustainability, redevelopment, transformation, supervision of building process, and spatial solutions. In addition to commissioned work, we also initiate projects in historical properties that we find promising.





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